I enrolled in Gwen Gnazdowsky’s “Assertiveness Training” course through Continuing Education at Langara College. In just one evening it covered techniques that can be used to improve communication and resolve conflict in the workplace. As an I.A.T.S.E. member, I work in the the film industry in Vancouver, where we face high stress levels, long hours, and tight deadlines. We are asked to complete demanding tasks, and take on many responsibilities. We also cope with generational, gender, and cultural differences. Communicating with our coworkers is frequently a challenge. As a result, many unnecessary conflicts… Read More

Assertiveness Training – Lee-Anne Elaschuck

I had met Gwen Gnazdowsky socially, and was impressed with her warmth and vitality. I was intrigued when I learned that she offered personal and professional coaching, as I had been experiencing some roadblocks in my career and realized I needed a different perspective to help me overcome this challenge. It took me a long time to finally reach out and ask for help, but at that point my business was hovering at the breaking point, and I was depressed and feeling a real lack of motivation to keep slogging away at… Read More

Business Development – Georgina F. Lohan

Gwen has developed and taught Public Speaking and Communications courses for VSB Continuing Education Program since 2012. ‘Dealing With Difficult People’ is one of the more popular courses within the Communication Skills Series. Gwen is always well prepared. Her professional attitude and enthusiastic instructional techniques prove invaluable in the classroom. Students evaluations consistently rate Gwen’s organizational skills, course content, delivery and effectiveness as excellent. Students also often comment on Gwen’s easy going yet comprehensive teaching style and her ability to create a supportive and motivational learning environment. Students particularly enjoy the opportunity… Read More

Communications Instructor – Andy Gauthier, Program Coordinator, Vancouver Board of Education

Confident Communication is the Key to Goal Achievement | Some people seem to get what they want out of any situation. Whether it’s the coworker who just started and already got the promotion or the friend who snapped up an enviable apartment before it was even listed, the rest of us can be left wondering what it is that makes them special. As I am setting out on establishing my own consulting business, I recently signed up for a course through the Vancouver School Board (VSB) and Langara College called “Communication Confidence.”… Read More

Confident Communication – Shella Gardezi

Gwen, you create a space for others to see and learn and discover their own gifts, strengths and dreams – simply put, you are the clear mirror that helps us, “empowers” us to see our own wisdom and beauty! Thank you for your friendship, love, words of inspiration and your beautiful generous hearts. You have not only encouraged me – you continue to inspire me!! Attached is a “vision board” done in 2013 as part of an ” Empower Me” workshop facilitated by Gwen. The universe has blessed me with the opportunities to reach many of… Read More

Empowerment Seminars – Colleen Rush

Gwen has taught me so much that I never knew about relationships. She has helped me realize things that I never before considered. She has given me confidence and a hope that I can have a great loving relationship that will last. She has taught me so much about the factors that have contributed to the failure of all my previous relationships. Without seeing Gwen, I would have never figured this out on my own. She motivates me to want to learn about stuff that I was too scared, macho, unaware of… Read More

Family & Personal Relationships – Bob

Gwen is a fantastic presenter and communicator. She excels at asking probing, deep questions to help her audience (re)discover their dreams, and pave the way to turn these dreams into daily reality. Gwen’s questions made me re-assess some of my deeper seated values, and look forward with excitement to the future I co-create with my family, friends, and social network. Gwen has an intoxicating warmth and self-belief, which make her audience instantly connect with her. Thank you, Gwen – for being part of my path through self-discovery.

Keynote – Gabriela Gayler

Gwen is a fantastic workshop leader! I attended her Public Speaking workshop in Dr. Wade Davis’s University of British Columbia’s senior level Anthropology class. It was an amazing experience to see how effectively she led the students through a series of activities, which built their confidence, helped them to over came their fears, and instilled skills for powerful presentations. Through humour and encouragement she even had Dr. Davis take some risks, even though he is a world-renowned public speaker! This showed me that no matter where we are along the road we… Read More

Keynote – Kimberly Baker

Gwen Gnazdowsky has participated as a mentor, speaker and facilitator in Women in Leadership Mentorship Program for the past 5 years. As a speaker, Gwen hosted encouraging and inspiring sharing circles. The personal experiences and stories shared by Gwen are touching and inspirational. She created a warm and friendly environment that allows everyone to share openly and freely. Gwen is an outstanding mentor for both young potential professionals and seasoned professional executives with extensive experience and knowledge. As a mentor to a diverse group of women, Gwen’s active involvement assisted all participants… Read More

Keynote – Lucille Wang

Gwen Gnazdowsky helped make FLASH FORWARD a huge SUCCESS in Vancouver Gwen raises people higher! The Flash Forward Institute sponsored by Women in Film & Video was delighted to have Gwen Gnazdowsky as a Team Coach one year and as the Head Coach overseeing all the Team Coaches and participants the following year. The concept was to take a goal you don’t think you can tackle in six months and complete it in one! Gwen did an amazing job in coordinating the 11 Coaches and their teams of 79 participants ensuring everyone got great value, stayed… Read More

Leadership – Flash Forward for Women in Film, Suzanne Lyons

Gwen Gnazdowsky is an excellent facilitator with a very warm, caring approach that helps women develop important skills to advance in their careers and personal lives. She was instrumental in the success of a series of MakePossible Mentoring Workshops held at BCIT, SFU and UBC during 2015 and 2016. Gwen led diverse groups of women through interactive exercises to learn how to network effectively, ask for what they need and how to market themselves.These workshops helped create a sense of community, developed support networks and helped build confidence.   

Mentorship – Cheryl Kristiansen, MakePossible, Society Canadian Women in Science & Technology (SCWIST)

Gwen is an amazing person and coach. As the National Mentorship Advisor and Vancouver Lead, she has helped Women in Leadership successfully build our Mentorship Program to a flagship model. Gwen has facilitated and MCed several workshops and forums and is a great asset to her community. – David Mossman, Program Director at Women in Leadership (WIL)

Mentorship – David Mossman

Before working with Gwen, I felt discouraged and at a dead end. I kept ‘running into the same walls‘ and I didn’t know why. Through Gwen’s guidance, she motivated me to identify and push through my self-imposed blocks and encouraged me to become excited with who I am and the talents I have to offer. She reconnected me to my ‘inner superstar’. Thanks Gwen!

Personal – Barbara Brown

I really enjoyed learning healthier alternatives on how to implement my goals as well as how to improve my communication. I feel very much empowered and enriched by your suggestions in encouraging me toward my list of goals.  Most importantly, I appreciated your “nutshell” of how to proceed.

Personal – Cyndie Molyneux

Gwen’s seminar is the best seminar I’ve ever taken! It helped me to discover some information from my past that I didn’t even know I was missing… I thought I had all my stuff figured out; yet I experienced an amazing “ Aha ” moment while taking Gwen’s seminar. I had done extensive therapy my whole life to solve and understand issues that prevented me from having a healthy self-esteem, which started in my childhood because of my upbringing rooted from the relationship I had with my mother. My perception as a child was of not… Read More

Personal – Gabriela Nava

Thank you for guiding me through an afternoon of discovery. There were many very profound moments that gave me a very different perspective on myself and many other significant people who have touched my life.

Personal – Gail Blachford

Gwen’s counselling experience and her choice of materials bring about profound transformation and used in the proper setting. I first attended her seminars out of interest in the subject. I soon realized I had lots to gain, and have been a lifelong subscriber since. I thought I had my issues sorted, but each time, new clarity emerges. This is deeply rewarding enlightenment.

Personal – Ken Bell

Whether I’m clear about the direction I’m headed and want coaching to maximize my effectiveness or am struggling to clarify my priorities, Gwen is unequivocally committed to my success and me. Even when I feel like I’m going in circles and our conversations cover lots of ground, she has this amazing ability to identify the key points and help me incorporate them into a workable plan of action. Gwen boldly acknowledges and cheers my achievements and inspires me to keep moving forward. Gwen’s gift is that she “gets” people…really, truly, deeply gets… Read More

Personal – Louise Smith

The coaching relationship has grown deeper over the years as Gwen listened and guided me through very tough decisions on both personal and professional issues. I learned to look at both problems and goals in a fresh light thanks to Gwen gently suggesting new options and different ways of operating in my life. To sum up my experience working with Gwen, is giving me “Life by Design“.

Personal – Lynda Kennedy

Canada’s Oprah – Life Coach Gwen Gnazdowsky! Gwen has been my life coach for over three years. One of the first things that I have discovered from our sessions was a greater sense of self awareness. When people ask me about life coaching I am able to describe it in two words; personal perspective. Her life coaching enables you to get to an objective look at your hopes, your dreams and your goals. What you want to do and what you need to do to get there. I’ve made important paradigm shifts in… Read More

Personal – Richard W. Kobayashi

When you start off on a long journey you usually need a map. Sometimes you may even need a guide. Our son’s journey into responsible adulthood was greatly assisted by his weekly coaching sessions with Gwen. She not only helped him by providing a map to achieve his goals and dreams but she was a compassionate guide in the process. I would recommend her without reservation for anyone who needs help reaching their life and work goals.

Personal – Roxanne Davies

I had unfulfilled dreams of having my own family and was confused as to what direction I wanted to take in my life. At my very first conversation, I found that I had already known what I wanted to do all along and that was to sing. I had dreams of performing in a musical, something that I had wanted to do since high school but was too afraid to audition. With Gwen’s help and encouragement, I decided to audition for a musical and to do my absolute best. A week before the… Read More

Personal – Tiffany Hambrook

Under Gwen’s coaching I have become much more grounded and centered. Within relationship, work and following my heart – these are the areas where I notice the difference. Upsets and distractions are less; it is easier to get back to higher self. Thank you Gwen for everything and what is yet to come!

Personal – Tony Ratcliff

We first met Gwen at the relationship boot camp that she conducted in downtown Vancouver. At the time, we were three months into our relationship. Edyta thought that it would be a good idea to learn about relationships and help enhance our relationship. She went to the first session on her own, as I was out of town, and was extremely impressed. She signed us up, and I came with her , the following week. The boot camp was amazing. It was a no-pressure environment. Gwen was a great speaker and teacher…. Read More

Personal Relationship – Tony & Edyta Troha

I have had the good fortune of working with Gwen Gnazdowsky as a life coach. The focus of the coaching sessions has been to assist me with a variety of  professional and personal changes and transitions in my life. Gwen asks provocative questions, is a very intent and open listener and provides a summary of my thinking, desires and plans for the next steps at the end of every session. I have found my sessions working with Gwen to be very helpful in assisting me with clarifying my thinking, become clearer about my desires… Read More

Personal/Professional Growth- Denise L. Johnson, District Principal Learning & Development, Vancouver School Board(VSB)

Gwen came highly recommended and now, after just a few sessions with her, I can see why. She is a great listener with an infectious smile. During our sessions we worked through some creative problem-solving and negative pattern breaking techniques. Her sessions always leave me engulfed in this positive energy that has manifested into some truly remarkable outcomes for me. Definitely recommend her.

Problem-Solving – Mandeep Dhaliwal, Engineer

Gwen brings a unique blend of innate professionalism, coupled with an incredible degree of compassion and heart to her work at the YWCA, Connect to Success Mentorship Program. Experiencing her facilitate both groups and work individually with clients – she supports others to discover (or at times, remember) their best selves, even in the face of great challenge. It is a joy to work with Gwen, and the results she produces in her clients is impressive. – Amanda Paterson

Professional – Amanda Paterson

Changing careers can be exhilarating or scary, but is always a challenge, and changing countries even more so. Thanks to Gwen, I was able to do both at the same time! Gwen helped me build confidence, dream big and strategize. She kept me on track through information gathering, networking, volunteering and the job application process with its ups and downs. Within a year, I landed a job in my chosen field and negotiated a good salary. Best of all, the skills you learn with Gwen you keep forever. Thank you, Gwen!

Professional – Ana Simeon

When I started working with Gwen I wasn’t sure where my business was headed. She coached me through a national media extravaganza and helped me repackage my services. Her revelation about my core fear of asking is obviously fundamental to growing my business. Once we get that healed, I say with Gwen’s help “Look out World!”. …or at least until the next thing I’m avoiding comes up…

Professional – Beth Ringdahl

To put it simply, Gwen transformed not just my career, but my life! With her unfailing support and encouragement she has helped me get out of my own way and enabled me to lead my best life. Her expertise allows her to switch from life coach to therapist, and back to coach again, to help you achieve your dreams… and she wants you to dream BIG! She has become a great friend and I can’t imagine my journey without her in my corner. I can’t thank her enough.

Professional – Deborah

I have been fortunate to have the Coaching of Gwen Gnazdowsky while I was a Vancouver City Councillor and as the Founder and Co Chair of Women Transforming Cities. She has guided me through the enormous challenges of an extremely public and challenging position as City Councillor in which one is always in the public eye which leaves little time for personal reflection though it always requires a calm understanding. Gwen assisted me in understanding my reactions to situations that could be based on old patterns which were unsuitable to the present… Read More

Professional – Ellen Woodsworth

Being a sole practitioner means: doing it all on one’s own! Aside from being demanding and stressful it can also be lonely. Then there’s the overarching concern:  in addition to professional, how am I doing in all the other facets of my life? Choosing Gwen as my life coach is like having someone on my team to navigate these issues. She helps me when I get stuck on things, to help clarify what works and what doesn’t. Professional and impartial advice: having Gwen as a life coach is like having a personal touchstone for all… Read More

Professional – Jane Capwell

Gwen is an amazing coach and mentor. I’ve worked with Gwen for over four years in both personal and professional capacities. Her coaching style encourages my self-discovery, aims for self-improvement and supports the realization of my dreams. Through a process of discussing the problem, Gwen has excellent listening skills and has the ability to identifying any underlying assumptions and beliefs that I may have that are contributing to my perception of the issue. She asks thought provoking questions that lead toward new insights. Gwen, offers new communication strategies to address issues, and… Read More

Professional – Kimberly Baker

Gwen Gnazdowsky has been a mentor in the Women in Leadership Mentorship Program for the past 8 consecutive years who has even mentored more than one mentee at a time. Gwen was the National Mentorship Advisor, Vancouver Lead and has facilitated workshops and sharing circle activities in the program, always receiving outstanding feedback from the participants. I value Gwen’s participation in WIL’s programming and highly recommend Gwen, who has excellent communication skills, a nurturing spirit, and positive attitude – key ingredients that make a great educator, mentor, and facilitator! Should you wish… Read More

Professional – Maya Kanigan

Women in Leadership 2015, an amazing group of remarkable women eager to give and receive, on both sides. I am looking forward to the next 6 months! Gwen’s smile was so warm and accepting. She made everyone feel welcome and at home.

Professional – Melanie Knight

A gifted and professional coach with years of experience in guiding and bringing out the best in people, Gwen is an excellent coach and mentor to many men and women, irrespective of age or cultural background. She is compassionate, perceptive and well-grounded. She connects with her clients easily, and works effectively with them to sort out issues or to help them shape and realize their dreams. Last year I had the good fortune to be mentored and coached by Gwen at a time when I was dealing with tremendous challenges and sorrow.  Her positive… Read More

Professional – Winnie L. Cheung

Gwen Gnazdowsky has been an instructor of Communications and Public Speaking courses at Langara College Continuing Studies and the Vancouver School Board at Langara since 2014. Her teaching in courses such as The Skilled Communicator has received solidly positive evaluations from her students. In September 2015, Gwen was contracted to deliver a professional-development workshop for Langara faculty and staff on the topic of “Understanding your Personal Triggers, and 3 Powerful Tools for What to Do About Them”. This session was a version of one of Gwen’s courses that was also offered to… Read More

Professional Development Instructor – Oren Lupo, Langara College

We invited Gwen to our grade 10 classrooms to work with students in preparation for their group PechaKucha presentations. She worked through a two day session with our students to guide them in becoming confident and competent public speakers. Through a variety of activities, her calm and purposeful approach with the students left them more connected to each other, and their topic. I would recommend Gwen to other schools that are looking for someone to instil a sense of confidence among their students. Looking forward to seeing you again this year!

Public Speaking Classes – Kelly Poole & Megan Miller, Teachers, Crofton House School

I write to introduce you to a truly remarkable and inspiring woman, Gwen Gnazdowsky, who has taught Public Speaking and Communication Skills courses in the VSB Continuing Education Program since 2012 and is currently at Langara College Continuing Education and Professional Development for Teachers. I have been a professional public speaker since 1987, and in that time have delivered some 1500 presentations, appearing at more than 200 universities and before 250 corporations and professional associations. In 2009 I delivered the CBC Massey Lectures, and I have spoken from the main stage at… Read More

Public Speaking Training – Wade Davis

I want to preface this by saying that I have never before taken the time to send a letter about any person or company, but I was so impressed with the wonderful service I received from Gwen Gnazdowsky, I felt I had to let you, and others know how happy I was with my experience! “18 Words of Gratitude” Gwen is genuine, creative, inspiring, supportive, friendly, innovative, approachable, fun, generous, charitable, enthusiastic, connected, real, fearless, purposeful, passionate, caring, insightful. Gwen’s innovative style, dynamic and creative presence within her workshops she has lead has… Read More

Relationship Bootcamp – Cheryl Serpanchy

This seminar helped me to discover some information from  my past that I didn’t even know I was missing…about myself again, I am full with self-confidence! This seminar gave me information that has changed my life! Going through some exercises in this program I found a peace of the puzzle that was missing in my life, that I didn’t even know it was missing, this missing piece made me more aware of whom I really am. When I find myself in autopilot, (not being aware that I am using my old programming… Read More

Relationship Bootcamp – Gabriela

Thanks for your work on two pieces; one of building relationships and the second of preparing for and then debriefing a Healing Art workshop I attended. In preparing for and debriefing my experience for the workshop, you challenged me to dig deeper, go further, and ask questions of myself to go places I would not have gone on my own. You did this in a very gentle and generous way. Generous of spirit, of kindness. While you wrote the notes of our conversation, I could relax in your presence and really be aware of what… Read More

Relationship Building & Self Discovery – Rita

Gwen was truly a catalyst in helping me move forward towards finding and creating a positive relationship in just one conversation. Gwen’s compassionate approach to coaching helped me get to that place of trust where I was able to go beyond my limiting beliefs to access my deeper desires of purpose. Once there, Gwen was able to guide me to focused intention, which got  the manifestation ball rolling. After our initial session, amazing things were flowing forth within a matter of days.

Relationships – Annie Rae Huston

Gwen is one of the most authentic and compassionate people I know. Her gentle and loving presence can instantly put me at ease, and her willingness to be open and vulnerable about her own past experiences really helped me to connect with her and encouraged me to do the same. She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions and share the right stories to help me reflect – like a finely choreographed dance, she guided me to arrive at profound realizations about myself and my world, one step at a… Read More

Relationships – Brian Y. N. Wu

It’s so hard to know where to start when it comes to singing the praises of Gwen’s knowledge, technique and intuition. Her background in social work gives her such a rich background to understand family dynamics, and drawing from her own personal experiences is such a non-threatening way to get her message across. I can see so many patterns now, after taking her classes, and where they came from to begin with. Another amazing outcome of her workshops, was how safe and trusting environment she created for all of us to be… Read More

Relationships – Mark Logan

Over the past ten years, Gwen has helped me enormously in many areas of my life including work, relationship with husband and step-children and creating a wonderful, healthy life for my two sons and me. Living ten years in a remote northern community brought many issues to my life including dealing with living in an isolated region, difficulties with my step children, dealing with loss and limitations in my life. Through phone counselling with Gwen, she always brought out my best qualities and helped me to see my problems in a new… Read More

Relationships – Natalie McCrory

Before I started with Gwen, I was unhappy and frustrated. Although I am a fairly successful person, I have learned that issues from my childhood have come to negatively affect most aspects of my life, especially with romantic partners. The best part about Gwen is that instead of giving me “band-aid” solutions, we have really gone to the core of my problem and have worked on remedying that situation so that everything else will fall into place. Gwen has given me hope that I can go into future relationships and rather than… Read More

Relationships – Robert

With your listening skills and strong sense of all that is possible, you have a powerful ability to bring the fullest potential out of people. You bring joy and levity to the area of self-discovery, which is truly refreshing. With your influence I picked out my man, married him and now have children.

Relationships – Sue Chadwick

I wish to take this time to acknowledge your incredible and extra-ordinary work and devotion to having enlightened me on various areas of my life, most specifically in finding Mr. Right!  Your words of wisdom, your very generous listening capacity, and your sunshine attitude INSPIRED me. You genuinely stood for me to win, to change my life path and make a permanent difference, to generate magic. Before I had taken your program (Extraordinary Personal Relationships), I must say I still had some resistance in expressing my wishes and thoughts about MY idea… Read More

Relationships – Tanya Deluca

Our main event was facilitated by the wonderful Gwen Gnazdowsky of One Conversation. Gwen has such a warm and calm approach, everyone easily opened up in her presence and had a fun time investigating the topics at hand. Whether working as a whole or in smaller groups, our directives were clear with a positive approach. We covered so many points and the meeting as a whole seemed to fly by! As the saying goes, “… when you’re having fun!” – Founder and President, E-Fusion Technologies

Team Building & Oranizational Culture Development – Joey Michael Dong
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