Leadership – Flash Forward for Women in Film, Suzanne Lyons

Gwen Gnazdowsky helped make FLASH FORWARD a huge SUCCESS in Vancouver Gwen raises people higher! The Flash Forward Institute sponsored by Women in Film & Video was delighted to have Gwen Gnazdowsky as a Team Coach one year and as the Head Coach overseeing all the Team Coaches and participants the following year. The concept was to take a goal you don’t think you can tackle in six months and complete it in one! Gwen did an amazing job in coordinating the 11 Coaches and their teams of 79 participants ensuring everyone got great value, stayed fully engaged and motivated while accomplishing their goals in the film and television industry during the month long program. Further to this Gwen was able to recognize what was missing, as far as the logistics throughout the training and galvanized her Team of Coaches into action to fill in with Program Supervisory type of roles. Gwen should be congratulated on who she is and her commitment to the program. I was so inspired by Gwen’s focus and ability to be such a great contribution with her Coaching skills. She has a brilliant way of being professional, honest and fun (an unusual, delightful and contagious combination), Her commitment to the Flash Forward Program, to Women in Film and to people achieving their goals should be applauded. I felt like I left everyone in good hands with Gwen’s leadership. She truly is a pleasure to work with and it was a privilege having her on my team taking charge of the Vancouver Flash Forward Program. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions on how Gwen could be a contribution to your organization.