Personal – Tiffany Hambrook

I had unfulfilled dreams of having my own family and was confused as to what direction I wanted to take in my life. At my very first conversation, I found that I had already known what I wanted to do all along and that was to sing. I had dreams of performing in a musical, something that I had wanted to do since high school but was too afraid to audition. With Gwen’s help and encouragement, I decided to audition for a musical and to do my absolute best. A week before the audition I had come up with a very believable reason not to do it. Gwen wouldn’t believe it. Thank goodness! I faced my fears. I went for it and, shockingly, got the lead role of the princess in How I Became Queen. I felt so good and proud of myself. Left to my own devices, I believe that I would still be waffling and avoiding making a decision for fear of failure. I went to another audition and got hired to be Anytime Annie in 42nd Street. I was now tap dancing! Something I hadn’t done on stage for 15 years. I fell in love with the music, the audience and the ‘in the moment joy’ that I hadn’t experienced in so many years. I smiled so big my cheeks hurt. I have been the lead singer in a band, which I love! This has boosted my self-confidence and put a bounce in my step. Gwen has helped me to see when my fear is at play and when I am unconsciously trying to sabotage my own joy and happiness. Simply, she calls me on my stuff. And I need that. I am taking responsibility and ownership for my actions, my behaviors and, ultimately, my Life.  Today, I feel very self-empowered. I feel able to make my own decisions and not guilty that I am doing something wrong. Gwen’s intention is for me to be happy. I am finally living the life I am meant to instead of hiding behind my fears. I am grateful to have Gwen as my life coach and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.