Business Development – Georgina F. Lohan

I had met Gwen Gnazdowsky socially, and was impressed with her warmth and vitality. I was intrigued when I learned that she offered personal and professional coaching, as I had been experiencing some roadblocks in my career and realized I needed a different perspective to help me overcome this challenge.

It took me a long time to finally reach out and ask for help, but at that point my business was hovering at the breaking point, and I was depressed and feeling a real lack of motivation to keep slogging away at the same old problems.

From our first conversation, Gwen demonstrated how powerful the act of sharing and listening can be.  As we delved into the whirlpool of thoughts, emotions, goals, and organizational structures, Gwen patiently, generously, helped me clarify my priorities, and move beyond identifying my roadblocks, to acting on them. As we began to separate long term from short-term goals, Gwen would help me create monthly action plans to further my agenda. The first signs of the effect this process was having, happened quickly, as I found a renewed interest and energy in an area of my work that had long been neglected.

As with most people, what you resist will persist. Gwen showed me how my need to find creative space to work without the distraction of others had isolated me, and that had become a habit that was having a detrimental effect on my ability to connect and communicate with others, affecting my marketing strategy and dissipating momentum from special events and other promotions.  We discussed and developed strategies to overcome my reluctance in this area, and I also benefited from a connection Gwen had with another Fine Craft artist, Sharmini Wirasekara. Gwen put us in touch and I set up an appointment to interview her. This was very fortuitous as Sharmini was full of practical, doable advice that was specific to my field.

I really valued and enjoyed the line of inquiry these conversations opened up. In expressing my creative ideas as well as analyzing the business aspects of what I do, I was able to get unstuck and begin moving forward once more. Addressing the fundamental aspects of how I operate in the world opened a window to new possibilities. I continue to grow into the space these discussions created.

Thanks Gwen!