Leaving a Legacy

Today is the 15th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. Please rest in peace Zenon Gnazdowsky. Thankfully, I have so many fond memories of my Dad. He loved family, extended family, and friends deeply and dearly. In fact, if you knew Zenon, you were embraced into his inner circle and you were family. Some of my fondest memories were how he would make everything a party! Growing up we would have: dancing parties, baseball parties, hotdog parties, everything was a party… He encouraged us to have fun and friends. After leaving Ethelbert Manitoba… Read More

Belle, (grade 1), How to be a Bank Teller at CIBC – Showing Us How to Do Our Research

Had to share!  Warm my heart and tickle my funny bone… This is my bright student Belle, from Future V, Public Speaking and Leadership for Children and Teens. Belle is only in grade 1, yet she can read, write and speak to her audiences with confidence. She is my youngest student, who started with us earlier this year. Belle is a delightful exceptional child. I admire her parents for all they do to encourage and inspire her. We can see the amount of time and energy invested in her education and experiences… Read More

Intengine Sustainability Leadership Congress

Will you join us? I’m thrilled to be a panelist at Intengine Sustainability Leadership Congress
June 8 – 9, 2019 at The Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, BC, Canada to discuss some of the largest challenges and opportunities facing our future.
My portion will address:
– Impactful Communication; Get Your Message Across
– Communicate and Lead for a Sustainable Environment
– Compelling Conversations
And I’d love to hear from you!
– What methods of delivery/communication have you found/seen to be most impactful?
– How do communication tactics surrounding sustainability differ from those of other issues?
– What do environmental activists have to be mindful of when delivering their message?
– How do you create compelling conversation around such issues?
– In your experience/opinion, what is the largest/most common hindrance to our ability to effectively communicate?
– What would you advise to those struggling to be heard/taken seriously who want to raise the collective voice of change-makers?
Please let us know if you have questions or points to add.

Asking for Mentoring Made Easy for BC Institute of Agrologists (past event)

30 Second Introductions & Setting Goals – SCWIST Networking Pub Night (past event)

The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology invites you to join our fun evening of networking with an educational twist featuring guest speaker Gwen Gnazdowsky of One Conversation Coaching & Facilitation. Powerful Introductions & Asking for What You Want Introduce yourself within 30 seconds; clearly and directly asking for what you want within this amazing group Goal Setting Made Fun & Easy! Prepare to Make a Powerful Vision Statement and engage in an Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Goal Setting. To see Gwen’s bio and one sheet, GOAL SETTING MADE FUN… Read More

Fashion, Fun & Paying It Forward (past event)

Talbots Fundraiser for Dress For Success Thrilled that Talbots created a Fundraising event for Dress for Success and I was asked to be the Ambassador! What a great concept! Talbots donates 10% of their sales that afternoon/evening to Dress for Success. Complete with a fashion show of my peeps. A great opportunity to have fun with fashion while paying it forward. We experienced exceptional service of Lila, the store manager and her marvellous team. Lila and her team created an incredible fashion show with three of our models. Thank you to our… Read More

Women In Leadership…A Trip Down Memory Lane

Stepping Down from National Mentorship Program Developer, Coordinator & Vancouver Mentorship Lead for Women in Leadership It’s with a heavy heart, I will be stepping down from National Mentorship Program Developer and Coordinator, Vancouver Mentorship Lead with Women in Leadership to pursue the opportunities coming my way. I have really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to contribute to WIL Mentorship program since 2008… I have 7 wonderful Mentees whom I adore and I continue to have a rewarding relationships with, plus have enjoyed the opportunity to touch the lives of Mentors &… Read More

Building Your TED-Talk – Vancouver Public School Board (past event)

We will explore 8 Aspects to Building a Powerful Presentation: Presence, Projection, Playfulness, Credibility, Stories, Content, Contribution and Call to Action. We will include crafting your introduction, handling questions and bringing polish to all of your presentations. Participants will walk away with more clarity about what their important messages are and will gain confidence in the practice and discovery of their TED talk as it unfolds.

Women In Leadership Mentorship Program, Panels and Empowerment (past events)

 With over 800 graduates, our mentorship program continues to grow and help emerging women leaders reach their potential. The 6-month program matches rising star women with mentors to develop personal and professional leadership skills. Mentorship Program Development, Match Coordinator, Advisor, Workshop Facilitator Creating Your Leadership Vision – Mastering Leadership Series  Getting the Most of Your Mentorship Relationship and Managing Your Mindset Assertiveness – Asking for What You Want “Gwen Gnazdowsky has been a mentor in the Women in Leadership Mentorship Program for the past 4 consecutive years who has even mentored more than 1 mentee… Read More

YWCA’s Connect to Success… Mentorship Seminars & Panel (past events)

Please join us for an evening featuring Sheryl Sandberg’s Ted Talk “Why we have too few women leaders”. Our panel includes 5 successful women from various industries and will be moderated by Gwen Gnazdowsky, Facilitator and Coach with One Conversation and Mentorship Facilitator with Women in Leadership.

‘Empower Yourself & Inspire Others’ Life Long Learners at Langara College (past events)

It really resonates with me, so I am thrilled that Langara College has picked up my Continuing Education Courses now Langara in conjunction with Vancouver School Board. They will be interactive and make a difference for you personally and professionally. Communication Series: Understanding Self-Defeating Communication  Why is communication so hard? There is a saying that you can’t see yourself when you are standing in the frame. Often we are unable to see what our style of communication is like and where we have inherited it from. Together in this course, we will… Read More

Empower ME Seminar Series – YWCA (past events)

This month I will be Leading My Empower ME Seminar Series at the YWCA’s Connect to Success for both the Mentors and Mentees. Check them out if you would like to get involved.  Connect to Success Mentorship Program – A mentoring program for women. Topics include: Creating your BIG Life Vision Mapping Out Your Life Plans Recognizing Self-Defeating Patterns Confronting Core Beliefs & Stories Overcoming Fears & Obstacles Asking for What We Want Handling No’s & Rejections Being Pro-Active & Unstoppable Also, I am teaching Public Speaking Skills at Vancouver School Board. It is… Read More

The False Power of Ego

On Oct 10, 2011, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle posted the Webcast – The False Power of Ego. Personally, I absolutely love Oprah’s Life-classes and Eckard Tolle’s lessons about the ego. Rita, an audience member, HUGELY inspired me. I hope these quotes from the show inspire you as well. Eckhart Tolle asserted: “We should strive to not be defined by what other people say.” “Ego involves: using people for our own purposes, feeling threatened by other people or feeling envy when someone else gets something good.” Audience Member, Rita said: “I don’t any… Read More

The Women in Leadership Foundation & The Crofton House School is the Perfect Marriage for Young Leaders of Tomorrow (past event)

An Illuminating and Inspiring Event!  What an honour it was for me to represent The Women In Leadership Foundation at the Crofton House School for their “Women in Leadership Forum” held on March 8th.  What a wonderful way to celebrate International Women’s Day! I was thoroughly impressed by the People, the Program and the Passion and I would like to thank all involved for their warm reception; including the three brilliant, talented and articulate Alumnae panelists: Tejinder Khalsa, Kate Saunders and Kim Scarrow.  Each of these women spoke passionately about their personal journey in their chosen field of… Read More

Making a Difference Coming Full Circle

Have you heard the story about ten-year-old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg who loves to sing? She you-tubed her version of Lady Gaga’s “Borne This Way.” I never followed Lady Gaga before, but hearing Maria sing this song turned me into a real fan of hers and her message. What powerful lyrics! Take a listen…   It shows the power of “finding your voice, sharing it with others and being a huge contribution empowering others to find their voice as well.” All this through song and never giving up on your dreams. It made an impact on audiences… Read More

Valentine Ideas For You

Here are some VALENTINE Ideas for you! Whether you are Single, Dating or in a Committed Relationship, here are some ideas to make your LOVE Life even better! Create a Relationship Vision Collage: This collage can include all the feelings, activities, quotes, pictures and visions that speak to you. Your collage can be only about your relationship alone or it can include other areas of your life such as dream career, hobbies, home, things that inspire you, etc. This is a very powerful tool that will remind you of your intentions around… Read More

Personal Training and Facilitation

Discover Your Personal Power! Workshops, Lunch n’ Learns, Coaching Circles, Mentorship or Mastermind Groups provide the opportunity for personal discovery in a group. Programs are customized to meet the needs specific needs of your group. Topics may include: goal setting, resolving issues, finding common ground, leading and managing others, building teams, mentorship, strategic planning, being an agent of change or another topic as per your request. One Conversation specializes in offering workshops which focus on helping people to navigate the complexities of understanding themselves and others. Gwen brings a unique blend of innate professionalism,… Read More