Personal – Gabriela Nava

Gwen’s seminar is the best seminar I’ve ever taken! It helped me to discover some information from my past that I didn’t even know I was missing… I thought I had all my stuff figured out; yet I experienced an amazing “ Aha ” moment while taking Gwen’s seminar. I had done extensive therapy my whole life to solve and understand issues that prevented me from having a healthy self-esteem, which started in my childhood because of my upbringing rooted from the relationship I had with my mother. My perception as a child was of not having the attention, and the affection I needed from her, I felt oppressed, I felt ‘not special’, I felt that my opinion didn’t matter, and that my voice didn’t count. I have always been aware of these issues and I have always been interested in self-growth to deal with this. I got tremendous clarity by going through the exercises that Gwen uses, and her facilitation style provided me with information that really made me see at things I didn’t know existed.  I was missing the deeper understanding to the reasons why my mother was (in my perception) so HARD on me!  I came to realize that the reason behind her behavior was that she loved me so much, that she wanted me to be the best girl, the best behaved little person, so that I would be accepted and loved by everybody…I get chocked and my eyes get watery when I thing about this discovery, and I wouldn’t have made this discovery if it wouldn’t have been for working with Gwen. Gwen made me feel so validated and so taken care of,  I even attended her seminar twice, I got so much out of it the first time, that I felt that I would benefit tremendously from taking it again. Now when I find myself in autopilot, (not being aware that I am using my old programming patterns, and I am stuck in my own old stories) not feeling good about myself, I use Gwen’s discovery techniques to bring me full of self-confidence once again! This seminar gave me information that has changed my life! Gwen is very professional, amazing, smart, caring and very knowledgeable woman, who really cares, she injects people with her enthusiasm and positivity, I totally recommend working with Gwen!