Personal – Richard W. Kobayashi

Canada’s Oprah – Life Coach Gwen Gnazdowsky! Gwen has been my life coach for over three years. One of the first things that I have discovered from our sessions was a greater sense of self awareness. When people ask me about life coaching I am able to describe it in two words; personal perspective. Her life coaching enables you to get to an objective look at your hopes, your dreams and your goals. What you want to do and what you need to do to get there. I’ve made important paradigm shifts in my relationships with my family, my career and my partner relationships. Through coaching I have found that I have all the resources within me to solve many problems in my life. 

It has brought me peace of mind to know that I am on the right track and maintaining it with the life coaching sessions. I have improved several relationships in my life that I would not have thought possible before life coaching. I’ve changed some from bad to good and others from good to even greater. I’ve learnt relationship skills like feedback formula, mirroring and a disagreement diffusing method called CLEAR (calm, listen, explore, agree and resume). Life coaching and the relationship boot camp sessions have helped me to create and nurture extraordinary relationships.

My Father passed away March 30, 2010. He was 93 years old. I can tell you that he had an amazing life and I can tell you that he loved me dearly. He told me so. And it was through my work with Gwen that I was able to engage and connect with my father in the years before his death and hear him say the things he needed to say to me. And also for me to say what I needed to say to him – How proud I was of him and to most importantly, tell him how much I loved him for being the great man he is.
Many men and women are not blessed with experiences like this in their lives or other moments of growth both spiritually and mentally like I have had working with Gwen. I’ve been working hard to get there, but I could not have done it without the guidance, exuberance and the joy of truth that Gwen brought to me with her work as my Life Coach. I’m living and discovering my passions in my life. I’m teaching, I’m building, I’m creating. I’m strengthening all the relationships around me by being aware, thoughtful and communicative. And there have been so many other situations I would be happy to share. Most importantly, I would love to see others benefit from Gwen’s work and encourage anyone thinking about it to try. It’s an investment that pays a priceless dividend I know I have benefited from – your inner peace and happinessI call her Angel Gwen for a reason – because sometimes I really think she is…