Relationships – Robert

Before I started with Gwen, I was unhappy and frustrated. Although I am a fairly successful person, I have learned that issues from my childhood have come to negatively affect most aspects of my life, especially with romantic partners. The best part about Gwen is that instead of giving me “band-aid” solutions, we have really gone to the core of my problem and have worked on remedying that situation so that everything else will fall into place. Gwen has given me hope that I can go into future relationships and rather than being chronically angry, I can be a great loving and supportive partner. Gwen has taught me so much about how two people can misinterpret so much in a relationship. She has also taught me so much about what a female needs to hear. It was so different than what I had been saying to my partners. Furthermore, many of the strategies that Gwen has given me for relationships also seem to be making life easier with the many relationships that I deal with everyday in my job as a teacher.