Empowerment Seminars – Colleen Rush

Gwen, you create a space for others to see and learn and discover their own gifts, strengths and dreams – simply put, you are the clear mirror that helps us, “empowers” us to see our own wisdom and beauty! Thank you for your friendship, love, words of inspiration and your beautiful generous hearts. You have not only encouraged me – you continue to inspire me!! Attached is a “vision board” done in 2013 as part of an ” Empower Me” workshop facilitated by Gwen. The universe has blessed me with the opportunities to reach many of these goals – some are still a “work in progress” but I know this, I couldn’t have come this far without all of you as my Empower ME Team!! I arrived by train to Mumbai this week and so just wanted to send you another quick update about some of the things I learned about the history and delivery of community-based palliative care in Thiruvalla, Kerala.
– Colleen Rush, Hospice & Palliative Care