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Nice to Meet You,

I’ve been helping people resolve issues and achieve Personal, Professional and Relationship goals for over 25 years – one conversation at a time! My background in Social Work and Life Skills Coaching gives me a unique perspective and set of tools to help people live a life they love. With caring, concern and understanding I am able to create a safe environment where people can open up to me and explore their situation and look for new perspectives and solutions. My style includes:

  • Sharing about my own journey, challenges and experiences if it will be helpful to the client. Many appreciate this style and embrace as my examples help them internalize the material.
  • There is always a willingness to talk about the past, especially when the limiting beliefs originated in order to address it then move forward.
  • I draw on my experience dealing with crisis situations.
  • I am tenacious in helping absolutely everyone who is committed to improving their lives.
  • The client can bounce between personal – to relationship – to professional issues as they are all interestingly inter-related and one area often affects the next.

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Helping people and organizations resolve issues and achieve personal, professional and relationship goals, One Conversation at a time. 


It all happens through a conversation…Coaching is a unique process customized to meet the needs of each individual client, group or company. Gwen uses a personalized 5-step methodology in each meeting. read more…

Improve Your Life. One Conversation at a time. 
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