Family & Personal Relationships – Bob

Gwen has taught me so much that I never knew about relationships. She has helped me realize things that I never before considered. She has given me confidence and a hope that I can have a great loving relationship that will last. She has taught me so much about the factors that have contributed to the failure of all my previous relationships. Without seeing Gwen, I would have never figured this out on my own. She motivates me to want to learn about stuff that I was too scared, macho, unaware of and insecure to delve into before.

I feel like I have a partner in Gwen who will help me get what I am looking for out of life and love. I always worked hard at relationships, but I never had the right tools and just continually did the wrong things and dealt with problems so ineffectively. With respect to relationships, I was like a carpenter who had all the lumber delivered, but didn’t have the tools or the knowledge to put the house together. No matter how hard I tried, I was set for failure before Gwen. Whenever I leave a meeting with Gwen, I feel confident that I have a chance against my problems. The best part about working with Gwen is the obvious fact that she truly cares about my personal outcome and what happens to me and my future relationships. She is very flexible in terms of when she can meet and calls back even when I just need a little reassurance in life.

Before I started with Gwen, I was so unhappy and frustrated. Although I am a fairly successful person, I have learned that issues from my childhood have come to negatively affect most aspects of my life, especially with romantic partners. I think the older I got, the more frustrated I became. I never thought that I was good enough and consequently, my female partners were never good enough.

The best part about Gwen is that instead of giving me “band-aid” solutions, we have really gone to the core of my problem and have worked on remedying that situation so that everything else will fall into place. Gwen has given me hope that I can go into future relationships and rather than being chronically angry, I can be a great loving and supportive partner. Gwen has taught me so much about how two people can misinterpret so much in a relationship. She has also taught me so much about what a female needs to hear. It was so different than what I had been saying to my partners.

Furthermore, many of the strategies that Gwen has given me for relationships also seem to be making life easier with the many relationships that I deal with everyday in my job as a teacher. The three most significant improvements in my life that I have benefited from are:

1. Improving my relationship with my alcoholic parents. I basically hated my mother. Gwen has helped my to see past my mother’s fault’s and find love for her that I never though possible. The feeling that I felt that first time I made a positive connection with my mother was indescribable.

2. At this point, I have at least made head way patching up a relationship. I don’t know if we will survive, but we will at least probably remain friends and still care for each other. Before I met Gwen, I was just driving this person farther away from me.

3. Most importantly, Gwen has really changed my entire mentality. I am not so chronically angry and frustrated. I know in my heart that I now have the potential to have a beautiful loving relationship with a partner. I addition, I feel that what I have learned will help with the way I deal with everyone from friends to colleagues, to the students that I teach. Gwen has given me hope that I truly can have total happiness-something that I have never had before. If anyone has any doubts about the value of Gwen’s coaching program, I can contact you if you leave your name and number or email with Gwen. I can assure you that you have nothing to lose by seeing Gwen at least once. If it doesn’t work for you, then you have only lost an hour of your life. Most likely however, it will change your life. I value every penny I earn, and with Gwen, I feel that I have gotten every penny’s worth.