Professional – Winnie L. Cheung

A gifted and professional coach with years of experience in guiding and bringing out the best in people, Gwen is an excellent coach and mentor to many men and women, irrespective of age or cultural background. She is compassionate, perceptive and well-grounded. She connects with her clients easily, and works effectively with them to sort out issues or to help them shape and realize their dreams. Last year I had the good fortune to be mentored and coached by Gwen at a time when I was dealing with tremendous challenges and sorrow.  Her positive energy and steadfast faith lifted my spirits; her gentle but persistent nudges helped me reconnect with my deepest sense of purpose and source of energy.  Her affirmative approach and mantra – “It’s all good” – worked magic for me! I am very blessed to have been introduced to Gwen and have no reservations in recommending her to men and women who want to benefit from some dedicated professional coaching and advice in their personal or professional life.

– Winnie L. Cheung,  Director of Community Engagement at UBC