Relationship Building & Self Discovery – Rita

Thanks for your work on two pieces; one of building relationships and the second of preparing for and then debriefing a Healing Art workshop I attended.
In preparing for and debriefing my experience for the workshop, you challenged me to dig deeper, go further, and ask questions of myself to go places I would not have gone on my own. You did this in a very gentle and generous way. Generous of spirit, of kindness. While you wrote the notes of our conversation, I could relax in your presence and really be aware of what was going on within me; of what I needed to hear; of what needed to be said.
With your coaching, I was able to accept with grace a profound inner experience of growth, self acceptance, and acknowledgment of being part of something much larger than myself. If you had not been present, I would have stayed small, felt overwhelmed, and pushed away the potential that was waiting for discovery.
The second piece we worked on was a series of workshops regarding relationships. You are a wonderful facilitator, completely capable of managing a room of people to create a safe, warm, and welcoming environment within which they can share very deep thoughts and feelings about the most important relationships in their lives.
Prior to your workshops, I had pretty much given up on having a relationship. However, now, I just might be ready. All those ideas you put forward, all those questions you asked, they were little seeds that seem to be flowering now.
I thank you for your support over the years, and wish you the very best in your own growth and expansion. I am confident you will add to the wonder, richness, and beauty of the world with your work.