Assertiveness Training – Lee-Anne Elaschuck

I enrolled in Gwen Gnazdowsky’s “Assertiveness Training” course through Continuing Education at Langara College. In just one evening it covered techniques that can be used to improve communication and resolve conflict in the workplace. As an I.A.T.S.E. member, I work in the the film industry in Vancouver, where we face high stress levels, long hours, and tight deadlines. We are asked to complete demanding tasks, and take on many responsibilities. We also cope with generational, gender, and cultural differences. Communicating with our coworkers is frequently a challenge. As a result, many unnecessary conflicts and miscommunications arise. This could be resolved easily if we had the skills to communicate effectively. I found it incredibly helpful, and believe it would be a tremendous asset to our membership. I highly recommend all work places engage in Gwen’s courses and/or her private Coaching for individuals, couples and teams and acknowledge the importance of the skills she teaches to anyone who works in a challenging work environment. 
– Lee-Anne Elaschuck