Relationships – Natalie McCrory

Over the past ten years, Gwen has helped me enormously in many areas of my life including work, relationship with husband and step-children and creating a wonderful, healthy life for my two sons and me. Living ten years in a remote northern community brought many issues to my life including dealing with living in an isolated region, difficulties with my step children, dealing with loss and limitations in my life. Through phone counselling with Gwen, she always brought out my best qualities and helped me to see my problems in a new perspective. She helped me to communicate things with my husband in a way that he and I could come to an understanding and compromise. Being from two different cultures has brought challenges to my husband and me. However, with Gwen, I created a vision for my children to live the best of both cultures. We are now living in the town I grew up in, in Ontario where my children can attend an excellent school and live a very comfortable, stable life. During Christmas and summers, we will return north to where my husband lives to experience the wonderful parts of the Inuit culture including hunting, fishing, community feasts and games and connecting with other family. I have created a vision for work as a social worker in my community of origin and love every day. I am spending time with my parents each day and love to see my children and parents so happy. Gwen has helped me to make my dream come true. And as there will continue to be challenges that arise, I know that Gwen is a phone call away to guide me through in a very supportive, positive and amazing way. Gwen has made an outstanding difference in my life and helped me to create a life that I love every day. Gwen has so much work and life experience that she always understands where I am coming from, what I am going through and what is a peaceful yet powerful way to resolve any conflict. I have found the strength inside me to face situations that I would normally run away from. I have more confidence, wisdom and focus in my life now. I always feel so happy, relieved and insightful after a conversation with Gwen. I also always look forward to our next session. What I love the most is that with Gwen’s help, I have maintained my integrity and dignity in my relationships, work and family life. I am proud of myself and would recommend Gwen’s gift of life coaching to any person. Thank you Gwen!