Professional Development Instructor – Oren Lupo, Langara College

Gwen Gnazdowsky has been an instructor of Communications and Public Speaking courses at Langara College Continuing Studies and the Vancouver School Board at Langara since 2014. Her teaching in courses such as The Skilled Communicator has received solidly positive evaluations from her students. In September 2015, Gwen was contracted to deliver a professional-development workshop for Langara faculty and staff on the topic of “Understanding your Personal Triggers, and 3 Powerful Tools for What to Do About Them”. This session was a version of one of Gwen’s courses that was also offered to the general public in Continuing Studies. The students’ evaluations of their experiences in Gwen’s PD session were consistently very good or excellent. She was commended for her facilitation of the interactions in the session, and for the ways in which she related student learning to practical action and improved strategies for coping with difficult situations. I would recommend Gwen as an instructor, facilitator or coach for training, managing and improving communications in organizations.
– Oren Lupo Program Coordinator, Business Management Continuing Studies Langara College