Public Speaking Training – Wade Davis

I write to introduce you to a truly remarkable and inspiring woman, Gwen Gnazdowsky, who has taught Public Speaking and Communication Skills courses in the VSB Continuing Education Program since 2012 and is currently at Langara College Continuing Education and Professional Development for Teachers.

I have been a professional public speaker since 1987, and in that time have delivered some 1500 presentations, appearing at more than 200 universities and before 250 corporations and professional associations. In 2009 I delivered the CBC Massey Lectures, and I have spoken from the main stage at TED on five occasions.

Public speaking has been a core component of my career, and I believe it is a skill that all students need to acquire in today’s competitive world. Since joining the University of British Columbia as a Professor of Anthropology I have encouraged all of my students to hone their skills as speakers.

With this in mind I was delighted to welcome Gwen to my classroom last fall, based on the recommendation of a mutual friend and PhD student. Gwen was absolutely spellbinding, and her style influenced me and led me to alter my teaching style to become more inclusive and interactive. The students loved her approach, and I don’t think I have ever known a class to learn more in a shorter period of time.

Gwen’s passion encouraged and empowered students to share their stories, with confidence and humour. In doing so she brought out the best in each of them, even as she helped develop their confidence and articulate their messages. 

Gwen’s experiential approach for personal and professional development is inspiring and fun, and every student comes away with new skills that seemed to many to have been beyond their capacities to achieve.

Without hesitation or reservation I would recommend Gwen Gnazdowsky as a teacher of all forms of public communication. She’s a bright and shining light of inspiration.