Professional – Ellen Woodsworth

I have been fortunate to have the Coaching of Gwen Gnazdowsky while I was a Vancouver City Councillor and as the Founder and Co Chair of Women Transforming Cities. She has guided me through the enormous challenges of an extremely public and challenging position as City Councillor in which one is always in the public eye which leaves little time for personal reflection though it always requires a calm understanding. Gwen assisted me in understanding my reactions to situations that could be based on old patterns which were unsuitable to the present context and then supported me in creating a new way of behaving that was more appropriate. These lessons have been invaluable to my on going growth. She always listened deeply with a twinkle in her eye and helped me to reflect on my life as a whole. Gwen encouraged me to rise to the best of my potential as a person and in my professional life. I would highly recommend Gwen’s thoughtful, supportive, wise coaching.