Keynote – Kimberly Baker

Gwen is a fantastic workshop leader! I attended her Public Speaking workshop in Dr. Wade Davis’s University of British Columbia’s senior level Anthropology class. It was an amazing experience to see how effectively she led the students through a series of activities, which built their confidence, helped them to over came their fears, and instilled skills for powerful presentations. Through humour and encouragement she even had Dr. Davis take some risks, even though he is a world-renowned public speaker! This showed me that no matter where we are along the road we all have something to learn from others.  Student’s enthusiastically received this workshop and here are some of the comments they said to me afterwards: 

  • “This is the most important skill I’ve learned in all my years in university!”
  • “Gwen is amazing! I learned so much today!”
  • “That was the best class I’ve ever taken in university!”

Over the weeks that followed I observed how the students incorporated the skills Gwen taught them. They were standing tall, presenting with confidence and taking power stances. It was an amazing transformation!

As for my self, I arranged a one on one session with Gwen whereby, she recorded my presentation, reviewed it step-by-step and gave superb suggestions. I must say presenting in front of Dr. Davis would be rather nerve racking for anyone, as he is such an exceptional eloquent public speaker. However, when my day came I presented with confidence. I highly recommend Gwen as a workshop leader!”