Relationship Bootcamp – Cheryl Serpanchy

I want to preface this by saying that I have never before taken the time to send a letter about any person or company, but I was so impressed with the wonderful service I received from Gwen Gnazdowsky, I felt I had to let you, and others know how happy I was with my experience! “18 Words of Gratitude” Gwen is genuine, creative, inspiring, supportive, friendly, innovative, approachable, fun, generous, charitable, enthusiastic, connected, real, fearless, purposeful, passionate, caring, insightful. Gwen’s innovative style, dynamic and creative presence within her workshops she has lead has made me a fan of her coaching style. I can trust her and rely on her for her dedication, loyalty and professionalism to help when seeking answers in my life.
 Gwen always provided astute and articulate feedback to me and significant input into my self-discovery. Her ability to communicate, her interpersonal skills and ability to effectively handle conflict with integrity is outstanding in all aspects of her coaching, workshops and seminars. She is a wonderful role model, a patient teacher and most compassionate woman that I have had the pleasure to spend time with.
I have learned much from Gwen and her stories have inspired and motivate me to reach for my goals and most importantly believe that I can dream big and make them come true… it all started with just one conversation and I will always be grateful for all she has contributed.