Making a Difference Coming Full Circle

Have you heard the story about ten-year-old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg who loves to sing? She you-tubed her version of Lady Gaga’s “Borne This Way.” I never followed Lady Gaga before, but hearing Maria sing this song turned me into a real fan of hers and her message. What powerful lyrics! Take a listen…


It shows the power of “finding your voice, sharing it with others and being a huge contribution empowering others to find their voice as well.” All this through song and never giving up on your dreams. It made an impact on audiences everywhere, including to Lady Gaga herself!

Don’t you just LOVE how Lady Gaga was with Maria and wasn’t it great what an impact Maria made on her? I love her message of “never giving up on your dreams.” And don’t you just love Maria’s Mom in the background? Can’t wait to see the show in Toronto!
Didn’t Maria get stronger and stronger as she sang? I guess that is what fabulous mentorship and practice produces! Kudos to Mama Lady Gaga for teaching Lady Gaga this message… “we are all superstars…” so now Lady Gaga can mentor and inspire other young women with the same message.
And isn’t this the icing on the cake? A Maria wanna-be! Maria inspired this next generation… It just goes to show how finding your voice and sharing it is what is Making a Difference – Coming Full Circle & a Little Spin Off…

Let’s celebrate, “baby you were born this way”! Who you are is making a difference! Let’s remember our words and actions inspire others.

Do you have any stories of inspiration you would like to share? Who inspired you? How did you inspire others? Are there any incidences where you saw an inspiration come full circle and sprout off-shoots?  Any surprises you would like to share?

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