Empower ME Seminar Series – YWCA (past events)

This month I will be Leading My Empower ME Seminar Series at the YWCA’s Connect to Success for both the Mentors and Mentees. Check them out if you would like to get involved.  Connect to Success Mentorship Program – A mentoring program for women.
Topics include:
  • Creating your BIG Life Vision
  • Mapping Out Your Life Plans
  • Recognizing Self-Defeating Patterns
  • Confronting Core Beliefs & Stories
  • Overcoming Fears & Obstacles
  • Asking for What We Want
  • Handling No’s & Rejections Being Pro-Active & Unstoppable

Also, I am teaching Public Speaking Skills at Vancouver School Board. It is open to the Public so come and join me (see below). Looking forward to helping people find their voice, build their confidence and develop Leadership Skills through Public Speaking.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: SPEAK UP WITH CONFIDENCE  Overcome your fear of public speaking & gain confidence finding your voice & expressing yourself in this supportive, fun-filled public speaking course. Learn to develop your own style in making speeches, impromptu speaking & taking on leadership roles.  This course will have a positive carry over into your business and personal life and will equip you to meet many public speaking situations. Extra $10 to be paid to the Instructor for a manual on the first night.

PUBLIC SPEAKING ADVANCED: PRESENTATION SKILLS  In business today, employers and clients are looking for a trusted contributor or advisor, someone who walks the talk. To gain trust you need to make yourself available for the opportunity to define your professional brand. To do this you must develop superior communication skills, whether it is to lead your employees, connect with your peers or motivate your clients. In this program, you will learn how to identify and present key messages, manage questions from the floor within a presentation, create a presentation proposal and sharpen your leadership communication style. Mandatory pre-requisite course: Speak Up with Confidence or the equivalent.

PUBLIC SPEAKING IN A DAY  Do you freeze” when asked to speak in public? It’s natural to have butterflies. In this one-day course overview of public speaking, come and learn how to make those butterflies fly in formation! Learn simple tips & strategies that will make you sound like a pro. In a relaxed fun-filled atmosphere you will actually enjoy giving your speech.  

SPEAK UP… I AM LISTENING (AGES 14-16)  You will be able to speak up more freely at home, at school and with your friends. In this fun and safe environment: Find your voice and speak so others can hear your ideas; learn to listen to others so you can expand your own thoughts, and get over your fears of speaking up and gain confidence as you practice in this course.

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