The False Power of Ego

On Oct 10, 2011, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle posted the Webcast – The False Power of Ego.

Personally, I absolutely love Oprah’s Life-classes and Eckard Tolle’s lessons about the ego. Rita, an audience member, HUGELY inspired me. I hope these quotes from the show inspire you as well.

Eckhart Tolle asserted:

  • “We should strive to not be defined by what other people say.”
  • “Ego involves: using people for our own purposes, feeling threatened by other people or feeling envy when someone else gets something good.”

Audience Member, Rita said:

  • “I don’t any longer think it is possible, that other people can hurt me, they are just giving me their observation and I am giving it meaning, so I get to choose what that meaning is.”
  • “I am addicted to approval and appreciation!” OK, now who isn’t?
  • “If I think I need it, it is ego, because I already have everything I need.”
  • “When I receive criticism I respond with, ‘you could be right’ – I know it is their story of me, not mine.”
  • “Love has conditions, ‘I love you’ equals ‘I’ll trade you’ – is this a business contract?”
  • “I am happier if I love you – you don’t have to love me – you don’t even have to participate!”

Great life lessons to live by… somehow it makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Oct 10 Webcast: Oprah and Eckhart Tolle – The False Power of Ego. Go to link:

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