The Women in Leadership Foundation & The Crofton House School is the Perfect Marriage for Young Leaders of Tomorrow (past event)

An Illuminating and Inspiring Event! 

What an honour it was for me to represent The Women In Leadership Foundation at the Crofton House School for their “Women in Leadership Forum” held on March 8th.  What a wonderful way to celebrate International Women’s Day!

I was thoroughly impressed by the People, the Program and the Passion and I would like to thank all involved for their warm reception; including the three brilliant, talented and articulate Alumnae panelists: Tejinder Khalsa, Kate Saunders and Kim Scarrow.  Each of these women spoke passionately about their personal journey in their chosen field of “Health and Wellness”.

At the Women In Leadership Foundation, President & Founder Maya Kanigan and her partner David Mossman promote the advancement of Women’s Leadership by offering innovative programming through various Speaker Series, Mentorship Programs and Fundraising Events. Through hands-on experience, personal mentorship and networking opportunities, they are helping leaders gain confidence in their areas of interest. Personally I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Mentor and Facilitator for Women in Leadership for approximately three years and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their skills and build community.

Women In Leadership extends an open invitation to you to Volunteer, do an Internship, be Mentored or provide Mentorship. If you have any questions, please call Women in Leadership directly or give me a call. My commitment is that everyone be pro-active and raise themselves higher in the direction of their Professional Goals.

Congratulations to both The Women In Leadership Foundation and Crofton House School for providing an educationally progressive environment, resources and mentorship for the young leaders of tomorrow. It’s a great marriage indeed. 

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