Valentine Ideas For You

Here are some VALENTINE Ideas for you!
Whether you are Single, Dating or in a Committed Relationship, here are some ideas to make your LOVE Life even better!

  • Create a Relationship Vision Collage: This collage can include all the feelings, activities, quotes, pictures and visions that speak to you. Your collage can be only about your relationship alone or it can include other areas of your life such as dream career, hobbies, home, things that inspire you, etc. This is a very powerful tool that will remind you of your intentions around relationships and life.
  • Share your Relationship Vision with Your Partner, Family & Friends: If you are already in a relationship, you can do this together… if not, share this with your circle of friends. Put it out there into the world… who you are, what is important to you and what you are looking for in relationship. Remember to focus more on what you will do and experience together, rather than a shopping list of qualities. When I was looking for my perfect relationship, I included things like, “we are each other’s preferred company, we embrace each other’s families, we resolve our issues peacefully, we champion each other to win.”
  • Gratitude / Acknowledgements: Valentines Day & everyday is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge others and it can make such a huge difference for them. Take this opportunity to practice the fine art of acknowledgement. Reach out to your significant other or potential partners what you love, admire and respect about them. Note: this automatically increases your likeability factor!
  • More Valentines Suggestions (to make everyday Valentine’s Day!):
  • Send flowers (men love to receive flowers too)
  • Send a note, “your place or mine?”
  • Acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge, in person, letter or Valentine
  • Send an old fashion Valentine
  • Send an anonymous Valentine
  • Tell somebody, “I love you”
  • Tell somebody, “I’m available for a relationship with you” (it worked for me!)
  • Tell someone how important they are to you
  • Ask someone out: coffee, wine, lunch, dinner, hike, movie, event, etc.
  • Send your parents a Valentine, make peace with them (this helps relationships)
  • Go somewhere to meet potential Valentines
  • Make a dinner, cookies, gifts
  • Do something sexy!
  • Ask friends to hook you up with someone
  • Ask someone to dance
  • Flirt!

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