Are You a Life Long Learner & Interested in Langara College’s ‘Empower Yourself & Inspire Others’ Program?

It really resonates with me, so I am thrilled that Langara College has picked up my Continuing Education Courses. Join me for Communication and Public Speaking Courses at Langara in conjunction with Vancouver School Board. They will be interactive and make a difference for you personally and professionally.

VSSC 1001 – Communication Series: Understanding Self-Defeating Communication (VSB)
Location: VSB Education Centre
Why is communication so hard? There is a saying that you can’t see yourself when you are standing in the frame. Often we are unable to see what our style of communication is like and where we have inherited it from. Together in this course we will explore where our communication styles originated and the effects of certain styles on ourselves and others.

VSSC 1002 – Communication Series: The Skilled Communicator (VSB)
Location: VSB Education Centre
There are 5 skills in this course that will be explored and practiced together to generate Communication that Works! These skills will help others feel heard and will help you get your ideas across effectively.

VSSC 1003 – Communication Series: Assertiveness Training (VSB)
Location: VSB Education Centre
In this course, we will discuss and practice the greatest assertiveness tool that works in all situations whether it be at home, work or in the community. Applying this skill helps to avoid passive, aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviours in yourself and others. Learn how to be assertive without having others fear you, prevent others from stopping you from reaching your goals and how to say “no” when your plate is already full.
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VSSC 1004 – Communication Series: Clear the Air Model of Resolution (VSB)
Location: VSB Education Centre
We will learn and practice a model that helps resolve conflict and allows everyone to resume normal activity. This course is also a great tool to teach to your children or others in the workplace.

VSSC 1005 – Communication Series: Understanding Your Personal Trigger (VSB)
Location: VSB Education Centre
Have you ever been triggered to the point of losing your cognitive ability to think things through? Or dealt with others who ‘just lost it’? In this course you will learn to understand the science behind this and learn ways to prevent such things from happening and learn to cope at the time to get through such moments.

VSSC 1006 – Communication Series: Restoring Harmony with Confrontational People (VSB)
Location: VSB Education Centre
What makes some people so difficult to deal with and what can we do to create more effective relations with these people if we need to deal with them on a regular basis? What do we do about those “toxic” people in the workplace or at home? The ones that are always negative and pessimistic, or seem out to get you for no apparent reason? You may simply want to steer clear of these people, but reality is you have to be with them sometimes. In this course, we will explore how to confront difficult people and restore harmony. Learn how to agree while you disagree and how to make allowances & not rush to judgment.

VSSC 1007 – Building Your TED-Talk (VSB)
Location: VSB Education Centre
Suitable for all levels. We will explore 8 Aspects to Building a Powerful Presentation: Presence, Projection, Playfulness, Credibility, Stories, Content, Contribution and Call to Action. We will include crafting your introduction, handling questions and bringing polish to all of your presentations. Participants will walk away with more clarity about what their important messages are and will gain confidence in the practice and discovery of their TED talk as it unfolds. Please visit or to connect with the instructor if you have any questions. Maximum 16 students.

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