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One-on-one private coaching sessions provide the opportunity for a powerful breakthrough in professional performance or goal achievement. Whether you’re an employee or manager who is feeling overwhelmed or you just want to become more effective as a team player or a leader, you’ll find it beneficial to have the assistance of a coach. Just as a hockey coach motivates and educates players to perform better on the ice, Gwen, as your success coach will help you achieve you professional goals.

Coaching is about helping a person and/or team to excel. It is an equal partnership, where the person/s being coached sets the agenda, and Gwen as the Coach helps the person find the best way to reach his/her goals. Coaching isn’t about giving advice or telling someone what to do. Gwen will present more questions than answers, and challenge the person being coached to consider new perspectives and different approaches when dealing with challenges in the workplace.

When I started working with Gwen I wasn’t sure where my business was headed. She coached me through a national media extravaganza and helped me repackage my services. Her revelation about my core fear of asking is obviously fundamental to growing my business. Once we get that healed, I say with Gwen’s help “Look out World!”. …or at least until the next thing I’m avoiding comes up…

― Beth Ringdahl

Changing careers can be exhilarating or scary, but is always a challenge, and changing countries even more so. Thanks to Gwen, I was able to do both at the same time! Gwen helped me build confidence, dream big and strategize. She kept me on track through information gathering, networking, volunteering and the job application process with its ups and downs. Within a year, I landed a job in my chosen field and negotiated a good salary. Best of all, the skills you learn with Gwen you keep forever. Thank you, Gwen!

― Ana Simeon

I have been fortunate to have the Coaching of Gwen Gnazdowsky while I was a Vancouver City Councillor and as the Founder and Co Chair of Women Transforming Cities. She has guided me through the enormous challenges of an extremely public and challenging position as City Councillor in which one is always in the public eye which leaves little time for personal reflection though it always requires a calm understanding. Gwen assisted me in understanding my reactions to situations that could be based on old patterns which were unsuitable to the present context and then supported me in creating a new way of behaving that was more appropriate. These lessons have been invaluable to my on going growth. She always listened deeply with a twinkle in her eye and helped me to reflect on my life as a whole. Gwen encouraged me to rise to the best of my potential as a person and in my professional life. I would highly recommend Gwen’s thoughtful, supportive, wise coaching. – Ellen Woodsworth

Your success happens one conversation at a time! 


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