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Gwen Gnazdowsky has been helping people achieve their Personal, Professional and Relationship goals for over 25 years. Her extensive background and experience in Social Work and Life Skills Coaching, combined with her unique process that is customized to each individual client ensures you’ll get the results you want and love the process!


“A gifted and professional coach with years of experience in guiding and bringing out the best in people, Gwen is an excellent coach and mentor to many men and women, irrespective of age or cultural background. She is compassionate, perceptive and well-grounded. She connects with her clients easily, and works effectively with them to sort out issues or to help them shape and realize their dreams. Last year I had the good fortune to be mentored and coached by Gwen at a time when I was dealing with tremendous challenges and sorrow. Her positive energy and steadfast faith lifted my spirits; her gentle but persistent nudges helped me reconnect with my deepest sense of purpose and source of energy. Her affirmative approach and mantra – “It’s all good” – worked magic for me! I am very blessed to have been introduced to Gwen and have no reservations in recommending her to men and women who want to benefit from some dedicated professional coaching and advice in their personal or professional life.”

~ Winnie L. Cheung, Director of Community Engagement, University of British Columbia (UBC)


“Gwen is an amazing coach and mentor. I’ve worked with Gwen for over four years in both personal and professional capacities. Her coaching style encourages my self-discovery, aims for self-improvement and supports the realization of my dreams. Through a process of discussing the problem, Gwen has excellent listening skills and has the ability to identifying any underlying assumptions and beliefs that I may have that are contributing to my perception of the issue. She asks thought provoking questions that lead toward new insights. Gwen, offers new communication strategies to address issues, and we work together to set scaffold goals. Over the years that I have worked with her I have grown personally in many areas such as, increased self-confidence; learned effective communication strategies for challenging situations; have fostered closer personal connections with my family, and have a new job that I love. In all, I must say Gwen has supported me in achieving happiness in the areas of my life that matter most to me.”

~ Kimberly Baker, Arts, Heritage & Culture Educator


“Canada’s Oprah – Life Coach Gwen Gnazdowsky My Father passed away March 30, 2010. He was 93 years old. I can tell you that he had an amazing life and I can tell you that he loved me dearly. He told me so. And it was through my work with Gwen that I was able to engage and connect with my father in the years before his death and hear him say the things he needed to say to me. And also for me to say what I needed to say to him – How proud I was of him and to most importantly, tell him how much I loved him for being the great man he is. Many men and women are not blessed with experiences like this in their lives or other moments of growth both spiritually and mentally like I have had working with Gwen. I’ve been working hard to get there, but I could not have done it without the guidance, exuberance and the joy of truth that Gwen brought to me with her work as my Life Coach. I’m living and discovering my passions in my life. I’m teaching, I’m building, I’m creating. I’m strengthening all the relationships around me by being aware, thoughtful and communicative. And there have been so many other situations I would be happy to share. Most importantly, I would love to see others benefit from Gwen’s work and encourage anyone thinking about it to try. It’s an investment that pays a priceless dividend I know I have benefited from – your inner peace and happiness. I call her Angel Gwen for a reason – because sometimes I really think she is.”

~ Richard W. Kobayashi Electrical Trades Instructor, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Public Speaking

“I was delighted to welcome Gwen to my classroom last fall, based on the recommendation of a mutual friend and PhD student. Gwen was absolutely spellbinding, and her style influenced me and led me to alter my teaching style to become more inclusive and interactive. The students loved her approach, and I don’t think I have ever known a class to learn more in a shorter period of time.

Gwen’s passion encouraged and empowered students to share their stories, with confidence and humour. In doing so she brought out the best in each of them, even as she helped develop their confidence and articulate their messages. Gwen’s experiential approach for personal and professional development is inspiring and fun, and every student comes away with new skills that seemed to many to have been beyond their capacities to achieve. Without hesitation or reservation I would recommend Gwen Gnazdowsky as a teacher of all forms of public communication. She’s a bright and shining light of inspiration.”

~ Wade Davis, National Geographic Society, Professor of Anthropology, University of British Columbia (UBC)

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