Public Speaking

Gwen is an entertaining, warm and inviting speaker. Her signature style includes real-life stories that leave her audiences asking for more.

From fun informative ‘lunch n’ learn’ events to corporate dinners Gwen has a keynote speech that is ideal for your group. You can select from one of Gwen’s featured keynote speeches or have her custom design a speech that meets your needs. Topics include leadership, inspiration, public speaking tips, effective communication, relationships, parenting, mindset, and so much more.

“I write to introduce you to a truly remarkable and inspiring woman, Gwen Gnazdowsky, who has taught Public Speaking and Communication Skills courses in the VSB Continuing Education Program since 2012 and is currently at Langara College Continuing Education and Professional Development for Teachers. Gwen’s passion encouraged and empowered students to share their stories, with confidence and humour. In doing so she brought out the best in each of them, even as she helped develop their confidence and articulate their messages. Without hesitation or reservation I would recommend Gwen Gnazdowsky as a teacher of all forms of public communication. She’s a bright and shining light of inspiration.” ~ Wade Davis, National Geographic Society, Professor of Anthropology, University of British Columbia (UBC)

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How to Build Your Own TED Talk
  • Mastering the 30 Second Pitch – Marketing Yourself or Your Idea
  • The Key to Happiness – A Paradigm Shift
  • Goal Setting Made Fun & Easy
  • From Resignation to Reinvention – Top Ten Tips to Re-Invent Yourself
  • How to Ask for What You Want
  • Speak With Confidence – 5Cs of Public Speaking & Communication
  • Leadership & Living Your Best Life – Lessons Learned from Oprah
  • Strategy & Goal Setting – Using Appreciative Inquiry Model for Success
  • Meeting Masters – Facilitation Skills for Meetings
  • ‘Clean the Air’ Conflict Resolution
  • The 3 Cs That Make Relationships Work
  • Mentoring with a Mission – Making the Best of the Mentorship Relationship
  • Customize your own!

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