COPY What Do You Want To Create In 2017?

Confidence     Clarity     Happiness     Dream Job     Success     Powerful    Presence     Communication     Goal Attainment     Intimacy     Empowerment     Connectedness     Leadership     Inspiration    Assertiveness     Harmony     Public Speaking     Facilitation     Conflict Resolution    Network     Job Search     Sell Yourself     Share Your Ideas    Give & Receive Feedback     Assertiveness & Set Boundaries     Dream Mate     Laughter     Family     Forgiveness     Boldness     Re-invention     Love    Creativity     Passion     Purpose     Possibility

Professional – Suzanne Lyons

Gwen is an amazing coach and mentor. I’ve worked with Gwen for over four years in both personal and professional capacities. Her coaching style encourages my self-discovery, aims for self-improvement and supports the realization of my dreams. Through a process of discussing the problem, Gwen has excellent listening skills and has the ability to identifying any underlying assumptions and beliefs that I may have that are contributing to my perception of the issue. She asks thought provoking questions that lead toward new insights. Gwen, offers new communication strategies to address issues, and we work together to set scaffold goals. Over the years that I have worked with her I have grown personally in many areas such as, increased self-confidence; learned effective communication strategies for challenging situations; have fostered closer personal connections with my family, and have a new job that I love. In all, I must say Gwen has supported me in achieving happiness in the areas of my life that matter most to me.

– Kimberly Baker

Live a Life You Love

Gwen Gnazdowsky has been helping people achieve their Personal, Professional and Relationship goals for over 25 years. Her extensive background and experience in Social Work and Life Skills Coaching,  combined with her unique process that is customized to  each individual client ensures you’ll get the results you want and love the process!

What do you want to create in 2017?

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